Nov. 11, 2020

Purposeful Productivity with Matt East

Purposeful Productivity with Matt East

Becoming purposeful about your productivity can give you a competitive advantage in your business and in life.


In this podcast episode, Tania speaks to one of the world's leading experts on productivity and high-performance, Matt East, who shares advice on how entrepreneurs can become purposefully productive.


If you start making progress, just incremental progress, day after day, magic can start to happen. You can start to feel like, 'hey, I'm actually doing it; I'm actually doing the things that I'm setting out to do'. - Matt East


You will find out about:

  • Why we all struggle with being purposefully productive at times. (3:49)
  • Why clarity matters and what you can do to find it. (7:11)
  • How Matt became an entrepreneur and developed his business model. (9:30)
  • How top priorities each day increases overall productivity. (17:17)
  • The most common productivity challenge among entrepreneurs. (20:08)
  • One thing you can do that can help you maintain a productivity mindset during challenging times like COVID-19. (29:19)
  • Matt's views on entrepreneurship as a team sport. (35:45)


About this episode's guest, Matt East:

Matt East is one of the world's leading experts on productivity and high-performance.

Productivity Expert, Matt East

Matt’s books, podcasts, and coaching teach you how to plan your day so you can spend more time on the projects, activities, and relationships that are most important and meaningful to you. He's best known for his one-on-one coaching, where he's been lucky enough to work with many brilliant creatives, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.


Matt is the author of The Purposeful Planning Method: How to Plan Your Day, Beat Procrastination, and Regain Control of Your Time. And hosts two popular podcasts, The Goal Achievement Podcast and the Better Humans Podcast.


Connect with Matt through his website.


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