Sept. 23, 2020

How To Look For A Co-Founder

How To Look For A Co-Founder

If you’ve decided you need a co-founder for the many benefits it offers OR if you just don’t like working alone and for that reason are exploring options of finding someone to help you build your business, you're likely wondering: where do I start looking for a co-founder? How do I go about looking for a co-founder?

In today’s podcast, I'll help you identify where to start looking for a co-founder or partner if you’re feeling a bit lost on how or where to start.

In this episode, you will find out about:

  • Why it's important to be clear on what you're looking for in a co-founder. (3:22)
  • 3 resources you can use when looking for a co-founder. (5:59)
  • The value of your personal network. (6:25)
  • About founder matchmaking/dating sites. (8:41)
  • How a shortlist can help during the process. (14:00)


Resources mentioned in this episode:

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