July 31, 2020

What Do You Believe? Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

What Do You Believe? Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

What do you believe: are entrepreneurs born or made? Many people, and maybe you too, wonder if there are some innate qualities or personality traits that some people naturally possess that they are born with that gives them the ability to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Today’s podcast is for the analytical-minded, so if research and theory tends to make you snooze, this episode is not for you. If exploring mindsets and ideas while comparing it with research from the past is your thing, this is an episode specifically made for you.

In this episode, you will find out about:

  • The debate on whether entrepreneurs are born or made. (2:20)
  • Research on nature versus nurture. (4:10)
  • Key traits of successful entrepreneurs. (8:23)


Resources mentioned in this episode:

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