Are you a first-time entrepreneur looking for encouraging insights on how to be more efficient, live smarter and increase your resilience so that you can have an advantage in the early-stages of starting and building your profitable business?


Even though starting your own business is exciting, it can also be one of the scariest choices you’ll make in your life.


Startups are not for the faint of heart! The risk involved, the fear of failure, and the unexpected challenges in the early stages leads most people to either never follow the nudge to begin, or it stops them from successfully setting or achieving their business goals.


It's common to feel ineffective and inefficient, stuck in a rut and overworked, and demotivated and overwhelmed as a rising entrepreneur ...


The good news is YOU can find ways to:

  • Be more efficient through targeted strategies
  • Live smarter through smart habits
  • Increase your resilience through tested mindsets


This podcast, Startup Advantage, considers entrepreneurship a team sport and hopes to support you as a rising, first-time entrepreneur.

Expect encouraging insights on entrepreneurial strategies, habits and mindsets of successful entrepreneurs and leaders.

Meet Your Guide

Hi! I’m Tania,

An entrepreneurship educator at a post-secondary institution in Canada, a coach, podcaster & purpose-driven optimist dedicated to helping you learn about starting and growing a successful business, so that you can have the business and life you dream of (and are willing to work hard for too, of course). #realtalk


Why Did I Start This Podcast For You? 

  • Because it takes more than a good business idea to be a successful startup. 


  • Because you need a positive can-do attitude and a support network with advice to navigate the ups and downs of startup life.


  • Because access to the strategies, habits, and mindsets of successful entrepreneurs will give you an advantage in the early-stages of building and running your business.


I hope you'll gain encouraging insights to give you an advantage in the early-stages of starting and building your profitable business.


Why Do I Care About Your Success?

I help rising entrepreneurs learn about starting or growing a successful business because I believe in the power of education, community and altruism AND especially in YOUR power as an entrepreneur to build a meaningful life and business if you choose to join the ranks of purpose-driven founders.

After years of being a broadcast journalist and news editor in Africa, I have become convinced that entrepreneurs have incredible power to help break the cycle of poverty and uplift themselves and their communities through innovation, job creation, community projects, environmental initiatives to preserve and protect, and so much more!

Through my work with entrepreneurs, I’ve also seen first-hand that approaching entrepreneurship as a team sport is key for you to gain the insights and support you need to gain a competitive advantage for your business.


Entrepreneurs often think it's expected of them to figure everything out on their own. That’s not the case. You’re going to need support and advice and together we can do so much more. I hope you’ll join us as a Startup Advantage INSIDER for more.


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About the Host

Tania De Ridder

Meet Your Guide

Tania De Ridder, your guide and host of the Startup Advantage Podcast, is a former broadcast journalist and news editor turned entrepreneurship coach.